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About Us

Porolet was established in Poland in 1982. During this time we have developed a wide range of products and services. We have also developed our technology and are able to provide custom-made and modern awning solutions. Utilising our experience and the experience of our partner companies in Europe, we are able to provide solutions for a wide range of customers.

We have gained our reputation as the leader in the industry through the production and installation of the following products, not only in Poland, but throughout Europe.

  1. Shop Awnings - this not only allows for the promotion of products but also serves as protection from the elements.
  2. Patio Awnings - this also allows for the promotion of products and acts as protection against adverse weather conditions
  3. Free standing pavilion (either rectangular, square or hexagonal( these can serve as a market stall, snack bars, outdoor cafes.
  4. Marquees - these can be used as store rooms, undercover markets or exhibitions. They can be placed either on grass or concrete. Two or more can be joined together to create a larger space. The construction of these does not require planning or building permission.
  5. Hotel and cafe awnings - *both for summer and winter (These are vital in ensuring the comfort of hotel and restaurant guests. We can construct these to any specification.
  6. Window Awnings. These include:
  7. Outdoor aluminium blinds - the aluminium profile is filled with polystyrene foam. This provides insulation from not only noise but also prevents the loss of heat.
  8. Aluminium shutters - these can be either open-work or can allow windows to be completely obscured by the shutters.
  9. Aluminium gates - a variety of gates which provide excellent security as they are operated with high quality electric motors.
  10. Steel gates
  11. Signs, illuminated promotional signs, reflective signs
  12. Flags, promotional banners, flag poles

Proloet has an in-house printing facility which allows us to print on any type of material.

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About Us  #  Products  #  What's new  #  Contact 
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