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We specialise in the production of blinds, both vertical and horizontal. Our partnership with companies such Hunter Douglas, Faber, Sani, allows us to produce the best product specifically to suit individual customer needs. Many major companies in Poland rely on our services and specialist advice for all their blinds and awning needs in offices and public places.

    We produce:
  • Horizontal, plisses and wooden blinds
  • Vertical blinds with any operating system in various sizes including 16, 25 and 35 mm.
  • Blinds can be produced in various materials including fabric, PVC or aluminium
  • All blinds are produced from non-flammable materials and have UV filters.
    We guarantee
  • Wide variety of fabrics and colours
  • Inflammable materials ITB, PZH
  • The ability to produce blinds to any size
  • Quick completion of orders
  • Manufacturing warranties
  • Professional Installation

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About Us  #  Products  #  What's new  #  Contact 
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