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All types of awnings are the flag product in our offer.
The basic function of all awnings is to secure business premises against the sun, and different structure awnings can be fitted to apartment buildings, retail outlets and restaurants. The greatest retail and restaurant chains have recognised awnings as an advertising tool. Our art studio will provide any advertising prints you might request on the basis of a design you provide.

State-of-the-art servos and control units by Somfy used with traditional awning technology provide simple control of rolling and unrolling of an awning without the need to use a crank. Proper safeguard sensors and brilliant servos and control units guarantee long and problem-free product life.
Individual types of awnings are made of textile materials or PVC-coated polyesters, a broad range of colours and patterns will satisfy the most demanding tastes.

We also offer components and materials for sale to retail companies and manufacturers, as well as ready-made awnings at an attractive wholesale price.

Presently we are offering the following types of awnings:


The most popular type of awnings mostly used over any kind of displays, entrances as well as shop and restaurant windows. The structure is made of anodic aluminium and is covered with textile material or PVC-coated polyester. Basket awnings placed over a busy walkway will visibly advertise your business and secure the premises against the sun, increasing your customers' comfort.

Irreplaceable solution for houses with terraces, summer gardens and other large areas exposed to sunlight. Sturdy and reliably powder painted beams in any colour and the highest quality materials used in production give brilliant utility and visual effect. The awning is rolled and unrolled using a manual crank or electric servo. Control circuits by Somfy allow us to design terrace awning control systems while taking into account external factors such as wind, rain and the sun. Optional roof reduces the impact of weather conditions on the fabric.

Atlanta awning is a typical awning installed over house or shop windows. This type of awnings is characterised by the ability to manually control the awning directly from the flat or shop without leaving the room.

Robusta is an awning was designed for balconies and wide shop windows. Springs at the beam base secure the awning against being folded by the wind. Wind pressure on the awning is distributed to the beam and coil fixtures.

If we look at the entire range of awning shapes and structures this type of structure could be considered to be the most luxurious. When completely rolled, the awning is protected against the weather conditions and the fabric is entirely hidden inside an aesthetic cassette.

Roller shade is used to cover windows, whereas the fabric moves vertically closely to the windowpane. It is a perfect solution for public utility buildings and office buildings.

It is the best solution for covering winter garden windows. Electrical drive provides simple control of the rollers from the inside.

Two awnings mounted on a self-supporting structure shade a large area and do not have to be mounted on a wall. Stable structure ensures safety and comfort and provides an opportunity to place advertisements both on the sides of the awning and the fabric itself.

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About Us  #  Products  #  What's new  #  Contact 
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