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Porolets roller blinds are guaranteed to be produced to the highest quality. The various operating systems produced by Porolet means that blinds can be fitted to window, both wooden and PVC. A wide range of excellent materials allows us to install blinds into any space.

    Our roller blinds:
  • Provide sun protection
  • Are Decorative
  • Are Energy saving
  • Complete block out of light
  • Spring loaded blinds
    We offer:
  • The sale of our own components for production
  • A wide variety of materials and colours
  • Certified anti static and inflammable materials PZH
  • Construction to any specification
  • Quick completion of orders
  • Manufacturing guarantee
  • Professional installation
  • Materials with UV filters
  • Motorised blinds

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About Us  #  Products  #  What's new  #  Contact 
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